Monte Amiata

Mount Amiata, a majestic dormant volcano rising in the heart of southern Tuscany, dominates the horizon with its imposing presence and offers a refuge of peace and beauty for anyone fortunate enough to visit.

This mountain, reaching an altitude of over 1700 meters, is surrounded by a frame of lush forests, green meadows, and crystalline springs, creating a natural scenery of extraordinary beauty. Its slopes are dotted with small medieval villages that retain the charm of a bygone era, offering visitors an authentic and evocative atmosphere.

One of the most fascinating places on Mount Amiata is the Monte Amiata Wildlife Park, a natural oasis that hosts a rich variety of flora and fauna. Here, visitors can spot deer, wild boars, wolves, and a wide range of birds, while enjoying splendid panoramic views and suggestive hiking trails.

Mount Amiata is also renowned for its thermal springs, which gush from the depths of the mountain and offer an experience of relaxation and well-being immersed in nature. The thermal baths of San Filippo and Saturnia are among the most famous in the area, where one can relax in the warm sulfuric waters and rejuvenate body and mind.

Culture and tradition are integral parts of life on Mount Amiata, with festivals and fairs celebrating ancient customs and local specialties. Food is a fundamental element of local culture, with traditional dishes like ribollita, pappa al pomodoro, and porcini mushrooms delighting the palates of visitors.

In every corner, Mount Amiata conveys a sense of peace and tranquility, with its pristine beauty and slow pace inviting people to slow down and appreciate the small joys of life. A mountain that enchants and fascinates with its authenticity and natural splendor, leaving an indelible mark in the memory of anyone fortunate enough to explore it.